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Psalm 27

For Confidence
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Psalm 31

For Confidence, Gratitude for Answered Prayers & When In Distress
Better Life Trail. Best Way to Better Life. Wood Mountain Sign.

Psalm 10

For Help, For Protection & For Protection Against The Wicked

Psalm 32

When Sorry For Sins

Psalm 11

For Confidence & Triumph Over Adversities
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Vitamin D from the Sun

Things you should know about Vitamin D & UVB rays
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Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency

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Vitamin D Good Foods List

Good Food Shopping List
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Psalm 70

For Help & In Time Of Trouble
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Psalm 46

For Confidence
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Psalm 55

For Guidance, Overcome Fear Of Death & When Betrayed By Friends
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Psalm 39

For Health, For Patience & In Time Of Sickness
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Psalm 41

For Health & In Time Of Sickness
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Psalm 17

For Justice Against Enemies & For Protection
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Psalm 6

For Mercy
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Psalm 51

For Mercy & When Sorry For Sins
Lioness (Panthera leo) with cubs lying on grass, Kenya

Psalm 7

For Protection & For Falsely Accused
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Psalm 53

For Understanding
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Psalm 97

For Wisdom
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Psalm 119

For Wisdom
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Psalm 65

Gratitude for Benefits Received
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Psalm 83

Help Against Enemies
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Psalm 88

In Time Of Desolation
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Psalm 24

In Time Of Need
A child rests her head on the table as the homeless and less fortunate enjoy their lunch at the LA Mission's annual Thanksgiving meal in LA's skid row served by celebrities on November 21, 2012 in California. The LA Mission started as a soup kitchen for men of the depression era in 1936 and continues serving meals each day, providing emergency shelter, and helping men and women restore their lives to get back on their feet. AFP PHOTO / Frederic J. BROWN        (Photo credit should read FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)

Psalm 44

In Time Of Need
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Psalm 69

In Time Of Suffering
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Psalm 13

In Time Of Trials
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Psalm 4

Justice in Court Case
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Psalm 138

Lose All Fear & Anxiety
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Psalm 56

Overcome Temptation & Turn Away Wicked Plots
Woman giving apple

Psalm 124

Overcome Temptation
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Psalm 12

Protection Against The Wicked
cfg walter_rodney

Walter Anthony Rodney

cfg Kandake-of-Kush-Candace-of-Ethiopia-Amanitore

Kandake Amanirenas

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The Mis-Education of the Negro